Need a Captain?

Do you need someone on board with the knowledge and experience to help you enjoy your sailing / boating while at the same time keeping you and your vessel safe and secure?. With Ted (That’s Me) you get a captain who has spent close to 60% of his time underway on one of 35 different vessels in the Navtours fleet. Translate 60% to the first six months of the year and you begin to see what you’re getting in a captain.. 200 days for example translates in my case to 120 days underway and close to 7,000 Nautical Miles traveled..

That’s me on the left with Jay, John and Atom Horton in Watch Hill over the holiday weekend

I’ve driven for couples over the years who don’t want to worry about where to go or how to get there. I’ve driven for families in many cases and in many cases two or three families at the same time. For me I believe the most important component of what I do is assuring a comfortable setting that provides safety and security for all involved along with an inate ability to navigate in most any circumstances. There are also times when I’m just along for the ride, while still providing a valued level of safety and knowledge. I’ve guided owners through almost all of the waters I’ve navigated regularly and helped them learn some of the local knowledge they need to add a level of confidence to their skills navigating in a particular region.

As a Charter Captain, I can also bring a level of local knowlege to the region where you’re planning a charter and that means no stress traveling on congested rivers to the fun spot in the area, or simply the security of knowing there’s someone on board assuring your safety while you enjoy an evening on the bow with firends. I’m also extremely comfortable with navigating ports of call up and down the East Coast of the United States as well as Throughout the Bahamas, including Abaco, Marsh Harbor, Eluthera Islands and of course the Exumas and the Exuma National Park.

Unless privately commissioned either locally or on the East Coast, I currently spend most of the winter Based in Palm Cay, a gated community / marina on the Southeast corner of new Providence Island in the Bahamas Navtours maintains a fleet of approximately 35 yachts ranging in length from 39′ monohulls and catamarans to a 63′ Lagoon power cat. In between the fleet consists mostly of 40-52′ sailing catamarans, supplemented by 40-50′ sailing monohulls. I drive almost all of these vessels in the fleet regularly for charter clients and when available I also return vessels to the base from other places in the region where charterers have disembarked.

If you’re thinking about adding to your list of certifications so that you can extend your chartering experiences to other parts of the world, I’m also a certified ASA instructor and can give you a fun and enjoyable learning experience while you begin to step off the dock and into the world of sailing. I am certified to teach beginners and intermediates along with advanced navigation technique and specialized techniques for handling a larger cruising catamaran.

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to deliver boats for owners back and forth from Curaçao to Boston off shore, through the intracoastal waterway. I’m also very blessed to be able to experience some of the nation’s coastal cities from the water, and in most cases I will argue that the best way to visit is by boat.. Curious about Where? Here’s a short list; Chicago, Miami, Boston, New York CIty, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Cape May, Annapolis, Charleston, Jacksonville, St Augustine, Daytona Beach, Vero Beach, Cape Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Palm Beach, Block Island, Bermuda, Newport… And so the list goes on.. Basically, anywhere a boat can go, I’m happy to be there.. Have a look at some of my favorites